Singing breeze of my heart

Why is the breeze singing today?
Why is the whole atmosphere saturated with color?

Tell me, my heart, what is destined to happen today?

Why is moonlight spreading into the day?
What path is life taking?

My heart, explain this chain of events!

Why is the breeze singing today?
It's singing...

Everywhere I look, light is showering down.
Why are the roads so resplendent today?

Why do the blooming flowers look so extraordinary?
How is such a fragrance floating on the wind?

Who knows what my heartbeats are telling me!

Whose face is this that I see in every flower?
Whose voice is this that I hear even when I'm not listening?

What sort of footsteps are these that approach? What sort of dreams am I being shown?

How come the breeze is singing today?


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